Are you aware that terrorists are using the internet, specifically YouTube, to showcase their graphically violent videos celebrating American and Coalition soldiers being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan? Additionally, they are using these videos for propaganda and teaching/recruitment purposes!

Our mission - remove as many of these videos as possible! Then maybe YouTube will take it upon themselves to join us in trying to preserve what our military fights for every day: Life! Liberty! The Pursuit of Happiness!


Cannoneer No. 4 said...

Struggle for Iraq is the first I-War

Anonymous said...

Good on you for getting this effort rolling. I had been thinking that a viral campaign to shut down terrorist recruiting efforts on CGM sites like You Tube and LiveLink was needed. Thank you for stepping into the breach and making it happen.

Anonymous said...

xGod Bless you!

USpace said...

This is great news and a great idea for everyone to participate in. Thanks for sharing this.


absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't flag Jihad videos

they must be left alone
to assist global conquest

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
never be paranoid

sitting in cybercafes
in the Paris banlieues

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
you are invincible

you will never be caught
you have strength of the prophet

Anonymous said...

Amazing as much as they portend to hate the West, they use an American company to post their videos.

Wonder what version of Windows they use!

Anonymous said...

Three more smacked down as of this morning. Great job everyone. Eyesoftejas

Anonymous said...

greaaaaaaat campaign, i love it! i went through all of them.

btw check out the anti-jihad video i made (my first attempt at making a video...):

let me know what you think...

LadyRaven said...

I think your video is terrific.
And scary!
Too many people don't know what is happening in the U.K. and elsewhere.
I hope you get many, many viewers.
And THANK YOU for joining this fight!!!


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