How to Flag (tag) a Video and Shut it DOWN!

Just follow these seven easy steps!

1. Click on ***VIDEOS TO SMACKDOWN*** in the upper right side of this page.
2. Click any video in the list (that isn't already smacked down!).
3. If you see "Confirm Birth Date," click on it. This is your agreement that you are 18 or over.
4. When the video appears, STOP or PAUSE it a few seconds after it has launched if you don't want to watch.
If you choose to watch, we can tell you that you need a strong stomach.
These videos are offensive, graphic, and very upsetting to some.
5. Just below the video, click on "Flag". This will then open another view that gives you the option to "Select a Reason" as to why you are flagging this video. Make your choice and click on it.
6. Then click on the "Flag This Video" key.
7. There will be an area now right under "Flag" in light green saying "Thank you for sharing your concerns".

Congratulations! You have just flagged your first Internet Terrorist Video!

Now! Just click the back arrow until you come to the list again and flag as many as time permits.
That's it!
We thank you! America thanks you! Our military thanks you!

You can also watch this video for some good ol audio/visual instruction -

Note - If you have not registered with YouTube they will require you to do so in order to voice your opinion (flag the videos). It's simple enough - go to YouTube and just do it! They won't give out your email address, but it's probably best not to have any personal information on any account/email you use for this. A lot of us just put in a first name, last name initial, a user or "handle" of our liking. Oh yes, and they want your birth date to be assured you are old enough to be viewing the films. Some of us kinda fib about our birthdates. Who cares! So long as it reflects you being 18 or over.


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